Exotic Pets

Here at Legacy Animal Medical Center, we see a myriad of different species of exotic pets.

As with any pet, it is important to take them to your vet regularly for check-ups.  The doctor can help you assess your pets living environment, diet, and address any medical or behavioral concerns you may have.  They will also check your pet over, looking for any signs of illness or disease processes.

With different species, there are different problems to be on the lookout for (ferrets and adrenal gland issues, rats, mice gerbils, hamsters and tumors, rabbits and teeth and GI issues, etc).  Making sure your pet gets regular check-ups and has a good diet are crucial to a healthy pet.  Next most important things are to make sure it has a proper habitat that is kept clean.

We are passionate about people and their pets and do everything we can to ensure your relationship with your pet is everything it can be and that you get to enjoy them for as long as possible!

For more information on our exotic pet wellness programs, contact us today or schedule an appointment for your exotic pet!